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  • Medical Applications of Composite Nonwoven Fabric

    The composite nonwoven fabric of the present invention includes elongated rows of stitches 20 that penetrate the superimposed layers 11 and 14. These stitches stitch the individual fibers of the upper and lower facing layers together. The rows of stitches extend lengthwise throughout the fabric to provide strength in the lengthwise direction. The rows of stitches are used for multiple purposes, including a variety of protective garment applications. In one embodiment, these rows are bonded by a ...


  • PP Non-woven Fabric is a synthetic fiber used in non-woven textile products

    PP Non-Woven Fabric PP Non-woven Fabric is a synthetic fiber used in non-woven textile products. The benefits of PP Non-woven Fabric include softness, practicability, and environmental protection. These fibers can be used in medical equipment, surgical masks, and even clothing to avoid allergic reactions to seasonal pollen. Rajshree fabrics use virgin propylene to produce their non-woven fabrics to ensure quality and keep the polymer resin's melting index stable. PP Non-woven Fabrics are chara...


  • An Introduction to Composite Nonwoven Fabric

    A composite nonwoven fabric is a textile with multiple layers bonded together by discrete point bonds. Each layer is composed of individual fibers of a polyethylene constituent fused with fibers of another nonwoven web. These fibers are then stitched together to form a strong fabric. In this way, a nonwoven fabric can withstand the tensile forces of many applications. It is often used in the aerospace and construction industries. Several polymers can be used to make nonwoven fabrics, including ...


  • The advantages of Filmed Non-woven Fabric include durability and environmental sustainability

    Filmed Non-Woven Fabric What is Filmed Non-woven Fabric? It is a type of nonwoven fabric that is made up of small fibers bonded thermally and mechanically. Its use ranges from baby wipes to apparel. Nonwovens are both durable and single-use. These nonwovens can be manufactured with or without an antioxidant. Here's how they are made. Listed below are the benefits of Filmed Non-woven Fabric. Filmed Non-woven Fabric is an important component of automobiles. Its flexibility makes it a perfect fit...


  • Meltblown non-woven fabric production is a flowing water process

    The Benefits of Meltblown Non-Woven Fabrics The development of meltblown non-woven technologies has progressed rapidly in recent years. In this article, we will review the manufacturing process and important parameters, discuss structure properties, and look at the practical applications of this technology. Here, we will also discuss the most important applications of meltblown non-woven technology. To better understand its potential, we have listed down several benefits of this technology. To ...


  • The filmed non-woven fabric can be lightweight and strong

    Filmed Non-Woven Fabric Filmed non-woven fabric is a breathable woven material with a soft, fabric-like surface on one or both sides. It is substantially impervious to liquids but allows vapors to pass through it. It is primarily used in the outer insures of disposable absorbent garments and protective clothing. However, it is also used for barrier fabrics in buildings. Below are a few of the uses of this material. The filmed non-woven fabric can be lightweight and strong. It is produced by ex...


  • The Bi-component Nonwoven Fabric of the present invention is a polymeric material having two or more layers

    The Bi-Component Nonwoven Fabric The Bi-component Nonwoven Fabric of the present invention is a polymeric material having two or more layers. These layers may be continuous or non-continuous. These materials feature a unique geometry because they do not have a straight, flat surface, like a filament fiber. Instead, they have a nonlinear geometry and irregular surface that provide the necessary anchoring properties for the bi-component polymeric macrofibers to adhere to a cement matrix. These b...


  • PP Non-woven Fabric is biodegradable

    PP Non-woven Fabric is made by spinning polypropylene polymers into solid threads, which form web structures. The resulting material has a pleasant texture and a woven-like texture similar to canvas. Although primarily white in color, PP non-woven fabrics are available in different solid colors. Woven PP fabric is often laminated and can achieve graphics. The versatility of PP non-woven allows it to be used for a wide range of applications, from crop covering to shoe fabrication. PP non-woven f...


  • SSMMS Non-woven Fabric is a high-quality material with a high tensile strength

    SSMMS Non-woven Fabric is a high-quality material with a high tensile strength. It is made of biodegradable materials and is safe to use in various applications. SSMMS Non-woven Fabric is suitable for different industries, including medical, industrial, hospitality and general use. The fabric offers a good air permeability, and is resistant to dust and heat. It is available in various colours, making it an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. SSMMS Non-woven Fabric is a 5 layere...